Ways on How You Can Play Lottario

Lottario is an Ontario lottery draw that has a minimum jackpot of $250,000 which keeps on climbing until it is won. There are other prizes worth millions to be won on every draw once the Lottario results are announced. A player is required to select two sets of six numbers each. Each selection costs a stake of $1. On a number board of 1 to 45, people are supposed to choose their lucky numbers and wait for the outcomes. There is a set of numbers that is used as a reference to determine the winners. But how do you play this game, how do you start? Follow the below three ways so that you play perfectly and win something.

Quick Pick Method of Playing the Game

This is known to be the best and easiest way to play Lottario. You are supposed to go to the local retailer and ask for Lottario selection slip which has numbers from 1 to 45. Once you get then slip, you are supposed to select two sets of six numbers each. The attendant can select the numbers for you if you ask him or her but it’s simple to do it. Many of the Lottery terminals have excellent attendants who will ensure that you understand every detail of the possible Lottario winning numbers before you mark any set of numbers.

Playing Lottario with Combinations

This formality is often viewed as initially complicated, especially to the new players, but the winning concept is the same; your selected numbers should match with the numbers on the final draw for you to become the winner. In this selection, people choose a combination of five, six, seven or eight number combination. The only advantage of this kind of betting is that your chances or probability of winning is very high. Given the fact that the price per selection is the same as the regular selection, this method has an upper to many gamblers.

The Whole Process of Betting

Once you get the Lottario slip, you are supposed to mark a set of six numbers at cost of $1 each set. There are up to ten boards on which you can select or mark your numbers from. If you want to play more than one draw in advance, there is a designated area where you can indicate that. You can play up to 26 draws at once. Once you are done, you are then supposed to give your selection to the retailer for printing. It will be printed, and then you will be given a ticket containing your selected numbers and other randomly selected numbers.

There is a mega jackpot that can normally run up to $1 million before it is won.  The winning numbers are normally announced, and people can confirm their tickets at the local retailer to see if they have won or not. Those who miss one number or two get hefty prizes as well. Although there is no ultimate strategy to win the draw, the veterans of Lottario formulated that the winning numbers have a high probability of occurring again. To conclude, Lottario winning numbers are unpredictable thereby making the game to be a matter of luck….Good Luck!

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