Viking Lotto Jackpot Win Worth Over $41,000,000 – Record Breaking Jackpot

VikingLotto Norway

After the Viking Lotto results came in and the numbers were drawn, one ticket worth over $41 million matching all of the numbers was found to have been bought by an extremely lucky Woman from Norway who had bought the ticket for the VikingLotto Wednesday draw on the 15th of November.

Lottery officials have stated that the woman has denied any interviews from the media and is asking to keep her identity private from the rest of the world after winning such a huge and record breaking jackpot prize. This big win is the biggest ever jackpot prize won in the VikingLotto and has surpassed all previous records.

The winner stated that the money will change her and her families life forever and is very grateful for the money and to the lottery for giving her such a big prize sum. She also will be having a very special Christmas this year, being a multi-millionaire will have many perks when it comes to buying presents for herself, family and friends.

The lottery officials that spoke with the winner say that she was laughing and crying with joy when they spoke with her on the telephone and was surprised and only asked to stay anonymous.

The future will probably hold even bigger jackpot prizes, as time goes by lottery prizes get bigger each year to keep up with player interest and demand, the recent years have seen a decline in ticket sales and this is one of the reason that many lottery games are changing their rules and raising their minimum jackpot prizes – to keep players interested.

Online Lottery

Online lottery ticket providers such as Lottosend are becoming more and more popular in the internet era, younger people do almost everything on the internet these days and playing lottery games is one of those things that are slowly but surely being consolidated into the online industry.

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