UK49s Lets You Win £40,000 Twice a Day

The UK49s might not make you a millionaire, but it is one of the easiest lotto games to play. For as little as £1, or around the equivalent of $1.29, players have a chance to win £125,000 twice each day.

UK49s is played at lunchtime and teatime every day. You will get the UK49s results as soon as the draw has been completed. Its website also allows you to check whether you have won or not. And if there are amazing lotto winner stories, there are also almost winning stories that are interesting.

Player Forgets to Play

There’s a story about the regular UK49s player. He plays the same numbers every day for the lunchtime draw. But one day, he was too busy at work that he forgot to play his lotto numbers. And as fate will have it, it was the day when his numbers were drawn. He only learned about the tragic news when he checks the UK49s results the next day.

Teatime or Lunchtime

And then there’s the stay-at-home mom who buys lotto tickets whenever time and budget permits it. One day, she has extra £10 to spend. But instead of dividing the amount into to so that she plays the numbers for both the lunchtime and teatime draws, she chooses to bet all £10 for the UK49steatime draw. To her dismay, her numbers were drawn during the lunchtime draw. This is purely bad timing and nothing can be done, it pays to play every draw in the UK49s.

Wrong Date

There’s another almost winning story of a guy who doesn’t regularly play UK49s. One day he chose to play but didn’t bother checking the UK49s results if he won or not. After three days, he went to the website to find out if his number were drawn. To his surprise, he saw that the winning combinations were the same as his numbers. He was already thinking how he will spend the money when his bookmaker told him that he did got the numbers right but he got the days mixed up.

Dreamed about the Numbers

There are several ways people choose lotto numbers. Some go for the analytic approach, while others pick their favourite numbers. And then there are some who only play the lotto when they dream about numbers. They consider the numbers to be lucky when they show up in their dreams. However, one still needs to play the numbers. It happened to a retiree from London. He dreamed about numbers. But instead of playing them in the UK49s, he still played his regular numbers. And as fate will have it, the numbers of his dream showed up in the UK49s results after a couple of days.

These are just some of the almost winning stories from the UK49s. As one of the most popular lotto games in the UK, a lot of people choose to play it daily. And as a result, more almost winning stories will have told in the future. If you don’t want to be one of the almost winners, then be sure not to follow the examples of the people above.

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