Picking Numbers on the Irish Lotto

There are different ways on how a player chooses his numbers when placing his bets on the Irish Lotto. There are some of us who will select numbers based on the significant events of their lives; there are also others who go for a quick pick. One perfect way to choose your winning number is based on the frequency of their appearance. People who pick their digit based on their hotness and coldness will find the statistics helpful. 

Statistics Can Help You Predict the Irish Lotto Results

Based on the numbers, the odd of winning the Irish Lotto Jackpot is around 1:45million.  This means that the chance that the player will win the elusive prize is super slim.  But according to the experts, there is a way on how to increase the percentage of winning by selecting numbers based on the statistics.  Most of us have personalized way of choosing the numbers. Choosing numbers depending on the statistics is not the only way to play the game wisely. But some people are treating this method as a lucky approach. They believe that numbers with a higher frequency appearance has a tendency to appear in the next draw.

Difficulty of Predicting the Result 

Even after analyzing the Irish Lotto statistics, you will still find it hard to choose the winning number. There is just no easy way to precisely predict the winning number. Some of the difficulties that you will encounter when trying to win the game are written below.

Price of the Ticket

When you think about the price of a single Irish lotto ticket, you may initially think that it does not cost much. However, in order to increase your chances of getting the jackpot prize, you will need to buy a significant number of tickets. In fact, if you want to guarantee your wins, you will need to bet on 5,245,786 lotto tickets. You will have to be super rich in order to purchase all of that.

Buying the Ticket

Suppose you have the means to buy those 5 million tickets. You will also have a problem logistically buying these 5 million tickets. A single Irish lotto outlet has roughly 5,000 tickets, this means that you will have to visit 1,000 lotto outlets in order to purchase all the tickets that you will need in order to guarantee your winnings.

Time Needed

In case you are planning to fill up all the 5 million tickets on your own, there is just no way that you can accomplish it. It will probably take you a minute to complete one ticket; filling up the 5 million tickets will take you more than 3600 days or approximately 10 years which is virtually impossible. You will have to fill-up the Irish lotto tickets without any rest if you want to finish it in 10 years. If you are planning to take some rest by doing it at least 8 hours per day, you will have to do it for at least 30 years.

Perhaps you now realize why most mathematicians are not joining the lottery game. Even though the odds of winning can improve with the help of the statistics, the chance of winning the Irish lotto stays considerable slim.

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