Time to review the UK49’s and see what all the fuss is about. We’re going to go through the draw and all its features to give you a comprehensive review of this UK-based lottery game. Without further ado, let’s begin: 

Game Features

Let us start with the basic features of this lottery game. The UK49’s is a lottery game where you pick up to 6 numbers from a total of 49 – hence UK49’s and not UK48’s! The draw takes place twice a day, there is a lunchtime UK49’s draw and a Teatime UK49’s draw. Aside from the time of the draw there is nothing else that is different between these two drawings.

So far, so simple. Here is where it gets a little complicated: When you are picking your numbers for the UK49’s you do not have to pick 6 numbers. In fact, you can pick only one number ball if you so desire. The balls are literally in your court with the UK49’s lotto. If you decide to play with only one number ball picked, that’s fine, but you won’t be winning millions. The odds of a single ball pick for the UK49’s is 6:1, meaning for every $1 you bet you will win $6 back. A $10 bet on 1 number ball in the UK49’s will return $60 including your initial $10 if that ball is drawn. From 1 ball, up to the maximum 6 balls, the odds lengthen as it becomes increasingly less likely that the numbers will be drawn together.



The UK49’s has a long, if not loud history. First created by a conglomerate of gambling companies as an attempt to rival the official state UK Lotto, the UK49’s has seen a steady and predictable rise since its first drawing over 20 years ago. Way before even the idea of “online lottery” the UK49’s was a brick-and-mortar establishment. Luckily for the UK49’s, the UK has a very high density of betting shops (so much so that a recent merger between two of the founders of UK49’s – Ladbrokes & Coral – was only granted permission to merge on the condition that they reduced their presence on the UK high-street).

So, the UK49’s was lottery game that you could play when you were in the bookies. Within this paradigm, the lottery became a popular game, more than often it was not the reason the player went to the bookies or stayed in the bookies, but if you’re in their anyway over lunchtime or teatime, why not have a dabble – it’s cheap and the draw is shown live throughout bookies in the UK.

UK49’s Results published everyday on 12:59 teatime and 16:49 lunchtime.


The parts of the UK49’s that we are like are the high turnaround of draws, simple odds & player control. The high turnaround of draws is pretty self-explanatory – more draws, more chances, more games, more fun. The simple odds of this lottery are brought about by the simplicity of the draw. UK49’s is not a lottery game where the prize divisions are ever changing and there is no such thing as a rollover in this lottery game. What there is, is simple odds – pick 1 ball and match 1 ball to get 6x your stake back, pick 2 balls and match 2 balls to get 45x your initial stake back – simple.

Player control is where the UK49’s is in a world of its own. A cross between the lottery and casino-style gambling, you get to decide not only how many balls you are wanting to play but also how much money you would like to bet on the outcome. For example, in the UK49’s you can play just 1 ball with odds of 6 to 1 but you don’t have to only play $1, you can play $50 if you like. This is a great feature that helps to balance out the risk and reward on a sophisticated and enjoyable way.


The only negatives we have about this draw is its lack of availability and awareness, even amongst lotto enthusiasts. We have seen a trend recently where the UK49’s is gaining more exposure and becoming popular not just domestically. This is great news, it’s a lotto that more people should play and more people would play if only they knew about it.


We love the UK49’s. It is an interesting, exciting and enjoyable lottery game that has a multitude of features that would work across the board. Imagine if you could decide how many balls you wanted to play for the US Powerball? The potential outcomes and possibilities is a dream for any lottery geek like me out there.

Coupled with the unique structure of this lottery, the sheer fact that you know there is 2 draws every day, 7 days a week, sets this lottery apart and, in our eyes, above many of the more well-known and more popular lottery games out there.

We have playing UK49’s for over 2 years consistently and I personally used to play it fairly regular within the bookies scenario as I described earlier in this article. It is an extremely fun lottery that puts the ball in your court. What more could you want from Lottery? Oh Yeah, how about 60 draws a month!