Eurojackpot Review

The Eurojackpot is a transnational European lottery draw game. As of writing this review there are 17 participating countries in the Eurojackpot draw including Italy, Spain, Sweden & Germany. The Eurojackpot was created with the intention of making a pan-European lottery draw game to rival the EuroMillions. The game features and prize structure we designed with lower odds intentionally so the Eurojackpot would pay out more often than the EuroMillions.

How does the US Eurojackpot Work?

The Eurojackpot is set up at as 5/50 + 2 lottery draw game. This means that you have to pick 5 numbers from a pool of 50 and 2 bonus balls from a pool of 10. To hit the jackpot prize in this draw you need to match all 5 regular numbers and both of the bonus balls. This may be the only slightly confusing factor surrounding the Eurojackpot draw – to jackpot, you need to match BOTH bonus balls. The different game structure results in lower odds than its main rivals, however, as many have mentioned, the lower odds really mean that the Eurojackpot doesn’t rollover very often and therefore, especially when compared to the EuroMillions, the Eurojackpot is smaller jackpot lottery draw.

Why is the Eurojackpot So Popular?

A combination of many factors; Firstly, having your lottery draw being sold and supported by 17 European countries is a great way to gain exposure. The Eurojackpot is very much a top-down lottery draw. By top-down we mean that it was the brain-child of most likely politicians and civil servants within the European Community to establish an additional draw.

When it comes to the popularity of this draw, this is the main reason. Even without the invention of online lottery ticket services, the Eurojackpot is a thriving and successful lottery with tickets sold at thousands of locations across the 17 participating countries.

User Experience

The user experience of the lottery draw itself is pleasant. Honestly, it is difficult to judge the user experience of a certain lottery draw without taking into account the ticket service provider that was used. Independent of the ticket provider, the Eurojackpot is a fun and exciting lottery that has gained popularity since its first draw in 2012.

They may have made a misstep with their low odds as the effects of this are that there is not the opportunity for multiple rollovers. Multiple rollovers create huge jackpot sums and it is these huge jackpot sums that garner the majority of the attention from new and old players alike. It is contradictory to the initial reasons of why the draw was implemented, but I can’t help feeling like they have made a mistake with this draw. A better option in our opinion would have been to change the draw structure to its current structure after a couple years, after a large jackpot sum has attracted the attention of millions.

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Brand Recognition

Slowly growing within Europe – Almost non-existent outside of Europe. The fact that the name is so similar to its main rival cannot have helped the ‘jackpot stand out against the ‘millions. It would be like the Mega Millions deciding to call themselves Mega Ball, it is restricting the brand from the outset. Within Europe it’s a much easier job for the Eurojackpot to gain brand loyalty. The numbers don’t lie – according to many reports the Eurojackpot is the second most popular lottery game in Europe! However outside of Europe (hence, with the introduction of the online lottery) this is a hard task, twice as hard without any big jackpots to speak of.

Overview – Eurojackpot

We encourage you to play the Eurojackpot and try it out for yourself. It’s a fun and exciting draw with nice jackpot amounts and healthy lower-down prize handouts. With only 1 drawing a week every Friday, be sure to get your tickets in time so you do not have to wait a whole week to play.

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