Viking Lotto Jackpot Win Worth Over $41,000,000 – Record Breaking Jackpot

VikingLotto Norway

After the Viking Lotto results came in and the numbers were drawn, one ticket worth over $41 million matching all of the numbers was found to have been bought by an extremely lucky Woman from Norway who had bought the ticket for the VikingLotto Wednesday draw on the 15th of November.

Lottery officials have stated that the woman has denied any interviews from the media and is asking to keep her identity private from the rest of the world after winning such a huge and record breaking jackpot prize. This big win is the biggest ever jackpot prize won in the VikingLotto and has surpassed all previous records.

The winner stated that the money will change her and her families life forever and is very grateful for the money and to the lottery for giving her such a big prize sum. She also will be having a very special Christmas this year, being a multi-millionaire will have many perks when it comes to buying presents for herself, family and friends.

The lottery officials that spoke with the winner say that she was laughing and crying with joy when they spoke with her on the telephone and was surprised and only asked to stay anonymous.

The future will probably hold even bigger jackpot prizes, as time goes by lottery prizes get bigger each year to keep up with player interest and demand, the recent years have seen a decline in ticket sales and this is one of the reason that many lottery games are changing their rules and raising their minimum jackpot prizes – to keep players interested.

Online Lottery

Online lottery ticket providers such as Lottosend are becoming more and more popular in the internet era, younger people do almost everything on the internet these days and playing lottery games is one of those things that are slowly but surely being consolidated into the online industry.

Playing the Superlotto Plus

Just like in many other countries, the state of California has a legalized the gambling process. The Superlotto Plus – [] gives the players a chance to win and improve their living standards. It’s an easy type of gambling with draws happening every Wednesday and Saturday.

How Does One Gamble

There are more than 19,000 lottery retailers spread out in the state of California where one must go to obtain a play slip. After obtaining the play slip, one marks the five-digit combination from 1 to 47. These numbers are voluntary according to what you feel could be the lucky combination. After selecting the numbers, the next thing should be to present the play slip to the retailer in order to create the lottery ticket. Each one of these play slips cost a dollar.

SuperLotto Plus No Cash In

This is your ticket, and you have not only created the combination, but you have paid for it. To ensure that no one can cash in on your behalf when you win or hit the jackpot, you have to sign at the back of the ticket. The Superlotto Plus results are announced every Wednesday and Saturday at 19:57. This is when you will know if you are a winner!

Common Concerns among Players

Most players are concerned about the results and how fair they are. To ensure that the lottery balls are safe and no one can manipulate the actual draws, the governing body of the Superlotto Plus keeps these balls safe. An independent representative has one of the keys to the room where the balls are kept. This room is completely locked and sealed. It is monitored 365 days a year with motion detectors, surveillance cameras, and door alarms.

Independent Party to Ensure Fairness

All the activities for a draw are recorded and filed. All the draws are observed by an independent party who comes from a firm of certified public accountants. The same party selects a set of the draw balls to be used and the machines randomly with a pre-test being conducted. This is to ensure fairness and accuracy as well as enforcement of regulations.  With this Superlotto Plus winners win fairly.


What Happens If There Is a Draw Failure?

This is the reason the balls are tested. A new set is randomly selected and tested until there is no draw failure. A statistician is responsible for reviewing both the pre-test and the final Superlotto Plus results. All the results are recorded and analyzed by the statistician, and the internal audit office analyzes them.

When playing this lottery ensure you check the accuracy of your play slip. Twice a week, the draws are announced, and this is when you know if you are one of the Superlotto Plus winners or not. To ensure the draw balls serve their purpose as they should, their weight and measurements are inspected once a month. This also confirms that the solid rubber balls meet all the requirements for a fair and even lottery.

How to Play Swiss Lotto

Almost everyone around the world knows about the lottery. Swiss Lotto is one of the famous lottery games that are predominantly provided for German, Italian and French-speaking individuals. It was started back in 1970 and has changed a bit since then.

Major Changes

One of the most major changes was the change of the matrix to 6/45 after which the additional Joker game was included in 1988. For a long time, people used to buy tickets from shops. You had to go and pay a cashier to get your ticket. This limited people in time and distance. The people who ended up participating in Swiss Lotto were those who lived in areas where the lottery company had offices. However, this has now changed. You can now play Swiss Lotto online. It is also as simple and straightforward as making a physical purchase.

How to Play

To participate in Swiss Lotto, all you need to do is pay for the ticket first. After this, you get to choose the numbers that you would like. Finally, you sit and wait to see if your ticket will have the winning combination. Initially, there only used to be a Saturday draw but this changed in 1997 when Swiss Lotto included a Wednesday draw.

Some Tricks to Employ

There are tricks that one can employ when picking Swiss Lotto numbers. The first is to include at least one number that was in the previous winning draw. Another guideline involves not picking a combination of numbers that has three or more numbers that are similar to those in the previous draw.

If you would like to increase your chances of winning you can choose a ticket that has one of the numbers that frequently appear on winning draws. An example of this is the number 20.

While these are not foolproof ways of choosing numbers, if you play Swiss Lotto online you will be better placed if you follow the guidelines. The tips are not random. Instead, they spring from previous patterns of winning draws.

Forfeited Winnings and Unsold Tickets

Once the draw is done every Wednesday and Saturday, winners are determined. If you are a Swiss Lotto winner you have to claim your prize within six months otherwise, it is forfeited. You should also note that a winning draw could belong to an unsold ticket. In such cases, the prize money is not claimed. There are other unique instances where winnings are divided among a group of people who either had the same ticket number or those who had made a collective purchase.

At the end of the day, participating in the lottery is still a gamble. While there are ways of making your chances of winning better, it is not guaranteed that you will win. However, this should not stop you from playing Swiss Lotto, especially now that you can do it online. The convenience of choosing to play Swiss Lotto online is unparalleled as it saves you time and allows you to buy a ticket from the comfort of your home.

$3.3 Million Still Pending Because Winner Cannot Be Found

$3.3 Million Still Pending Because Winner Cannot Be Found

An Oz Lotto Player who purchased his ticket at Five Dock News agency cannot be traced. The Oz Lotto spokesman has announced in all TV channels, Newspapers, and Radio Stations but the person has not yet come out to claim his or her prize. The $3.3 million is still hanging as no one has claimed it. This person’s whereabouts are unknown, and he or she should go to the Oz lotto authorities to claim his/her splendid results. People are left wondering why someone should leave such a big win considering that winning Oz lotto is a very rare chance that occurs to only the few lucky ones.

Speculations Regarding this Misfortune

Rumour has it that ticket was purchased by a tourist who had toured Sydney for recreational purposes. He was just playing for fun, but it happened that the player matched all the five numbers. Perhaps the guy left the area before the Oz Lotto results were announced or maybe the player is still around, but he or she is not aware of the news. The Oz lotto management have no clue where this blessed person is coming from.

The Winner Was a Division Three Winner

The owner of the News Agency where the ticket was purchased said that the $3.3 million was the highest win from the tickets that he has sold so far. The News agency is waiting for the owner to come and confirm the ticket so that the he or she gets the lucrative amount. Blessings real come to the wrong people, why should such an amount get won by a person who doesn’t even bother to check the ticket? Many Oz Lotto winners go to the retailers even when they win less than $50; this is a big shock to many people if someone leaves $3.3 million.

The Winning Numbers of the Draw

This was Oz Lotto draw 1209, and many people played it because it was carrying a heavy amount as jackpot. The Oz Lotto Winning numbers were 42, 13, 33, 44, 39, 29 and 27 and the random or bonus numbers were 15 and 31. Division one and division two had no Oz lotto winners, but from division three downwards, there were winners on every category. Many people won prizes, but no one snatched the prize of matching six numbers. If the winner is not going to come out, then the $3.3 million is going to be put back to the main jackpot for people to continue playing.

The bottom line is that when you buy a ticket of Oz Lotto, make sure that you confirm your ticket after the results are announced. Don’t play jokingly because when you select those lucky balls, you are always enhancing your chance to be a millionaire. Why should you select the balls if you don’t want winnings? Opportunities or blessings cannot be predicted, they come any time they want to. Make sure that you confirm your ticket in the nearby retailer even if you don’t have high hop of winning the game.

UK49s Lets You Win £40,000 Twice a Day

The UK49s might not make you a millionaire, but it is one of the easiest lotto games to play. For as little as £1, or around the equivalent of $1.29, players have a chance to win £125,000 twice each day.

UK49s is played at lunchtime and teatime every day. You will get the UK49s results as soon as the draw has been completed. Its website also allows you to check whether you have won or not. And if there are amazing lotto winner stories, there are also almost winning stories that are interesting.

Player Forgets to Play

There’s a story about the regular UK49s player. He plays the same numbers every day for the lunchtime draw. But one day, he was too busy at work that he forgot to play his lotto numbers. And as fate will have it, it was the day when his numbers were drawn. He only learned about the tragic news when he checks the UK49s results the next day.

Teatime or Lunchtime

And then there’s the stay-at-home mom who buys lotto tickets whenever time and budget permits it. One day, she has extra £10 to spend. But instead of dividing the amount into to so that she plays the numbers for both the lunchtime and teatime draws, she chooses to bet all £10 for the UK49steatime draw. To her dismay, her numbers were drawn during the lunchtime draw. This is purely bad timing and nothing can be done, it pays to play every draw in the UK49s.

Wrong Date

There’s another almost winning story of a guy who doesn’t regularly play UK49s. One day he chose to play but didn’t bother checking the UK49s results if he won or not. After three days, he went to the website to find out if his number were drawn. To his surprise, he saw that the winning combinations were the same as his numbers. He was already thinking how he will spend the money when his bookmaker told him that he did got the numbers right but he got the days mixed up.

Dreamed about the Numbers

There are several ways people choose lotto numbers. Some go for the analytic approach, while others pick their favourite numbers. And then there are some who only play the lotto when they dream about numbers. They consider the numbers to be lucky when they show up in their dreams. However, one still needs to play the numbers. It happened to a retiree from London. He dreamed about numbers. But instead of playing them in the UK49s, he still played his regular numbers. And as fate will have it, the numbers of his dream showed up in the UK49s results after a couple of days.

These are just some of the almost winning stories from the UK49s. As one of the most popular lotto games in the UK, a lot of people choose to play it daily. And as a result, more almost winning stories will have told in the future. If you don’t want to be one of the almost winners, then be sure not to follow the examples of the people above.

Picking Numbers on the Irish Lotto

There are different ways on how a player chooses his numbers when placing his bets on the Irish Lotto. There are some of us who will select numbers based on the significant events of their lives; there are also others who go for a quick pick. One perfect way to choose your winning number is based on the frequency of their appearance. People who pick their digit based on their hotness and coldness will find the statistics helpful. 

Statistics Can Help You Predict the Irish Lotto Results

Based on the numbers, the odd of winning the Irish Lotto Jackpot is around 1:45million.  This means that the chance that the player will win the elusive prize is super slim.  But according to the experts, there is a way on how to increase the percentage of winning by selecting numbers based on the statistics.  Most of us have personalized way of choosing the numbers. Choosing numbers depending on the statistics is not the only way to play the game wisely. But some people are treating this method as a lucky approach. They believe that numbers with a higher frequency appearance has a tendency to appear in the next draw.

Difficulty of Predicting the Result 

Even after analyzing the Irish Lotto statistics, you will still find it hard to choose the winning number. There is just no easy way to precisely predict the winning number. Some of the difficulties that you will encounter when trying to win the game are written below.

Price of the Ticket

When you think about the price of a single Irish lotto ticket, you may initially think that it does not cost much. However, in order to increase your chances of getting the jackpot prize, you will need to buy a significant number of tickets. In fact, if you want to guarantee your wins, you will need to bet on 5,245,786 lotto tickets. You will have to be super rich in order to purchase all of that.

Buying the Ticket

Suppose you have the means to buy those 5 million tickets. You will also have a problem logistically buying these 5 million tickets. A single Irish lotto outlet has roughly 5,000 tickets, this means that you will have to visit 1,000 lotto outlets in order to purchase all the tickets that you will need in order to guarantee your winnings.

Time Needed

In case you are planning to fill up all the 5 million tickets on your own, there is just no way that you can accomplish it. It will probably take you a minute to complete one ticket; filling up the 5 million tickets will take you more than 3600 days or approximately 10 years which is virtually impossible. You will have to fill-up the Irish lotto tickets without any rest if you want to finish it in 10 years. If you are planning to take some rest by doing it at least 8 hours per day, you will have to do it for at least 30 years.

Perhaps you now realize why most mathematicians are not joining the lottery game. Even though the odds of winning can improve with the help of the statistics, the chance of winning the Irish lotto stays considerable slim.

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Ways on How You Can Play Lottario

Lottario is an Ontario lottery draw that has a minimum jackpot of $250,000 which keeps on climbing until it is won. There are other prizes worth millions to be won on every draw once the Lottario results are announced. A player is required to select two sets of six numbers each. Each selection costs a stake of $1. On a number board of 1 to 45, people are supposed to choose their lucky numbers and wait for the outcomes. There is a set of numbers that is used as a reference to determine the winners. But how do you play this game, how do you start? Follow the below three ways so that you play perfectly and win something.

Quick Pick Method of Playing the Game

This is known to be the best and easiest way to play Lottario. You are supposed to go to the local retailer and ask for Lottario selection slip which has numbers from 1 to 45. Once you get then slip, you are supposed to select two sets of six numbers each. The attendant can select the numbers for you if you ask him or her but it’s simple to do it. Many of the Lottery terminals have excellent attendants who will ensure that you understand every detail of the possible Lottario winning numbers before you mark any set of numbers.

Playing Lottario with Combinations

This formality is often viewed as initially complicated, especially to the new players, but the winning concept is the same; your selected numbers should match with the numbers on the final draw for you to become the winner. In this selection, people choose a combination of five, six, seven or eight number combination. The only advantage of this kind of betting is that your chances or probability of winning is very high. Given the fact that the price per selection is the same as the regular selection, this method has an upper to many gamblers.

The Whole Process of Betting

Once you get the Lottario slip, you are supposed to mark a set of six numbers at cost of $1 each set. There are up to ten boards on which you can select or mark your numbers from. If you want to play more than one draw in advance, there is a designated area where you can indicate that. You can play up to 26 draws at once. Once you are done, you are then supposed to give your selection to the retailer for printing. It will be printed, and then you will be given a ticket containing your selected numbers and other randomly selected numbers.

There is a mega jackpot that can normally run up to $1 million before it is won.  The winning numbers are normally announced, and people can confirm their tickets at the local retailer to see if they have won or not. Those who miss one number or two get hefty prizes as well. Although there is no ultimate strategy to win the draw, the veterans of Lottario formulated that the winning numbers have a high probability of occurring again. To conclude, Lottario winning numbers are unpredictable thereby making the game to be a matter of luck….Good Luck!

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