Lottery Betting Investigation Overcomes Initial Obstacle

The possibility of Australians losing their lives to lightning is 150 times more compared to becoming winners in international lottery betting. Federal MPs want this kind of gambling prohibited. Opposition MPs and the government have jointly opposed synthetic lotteries, partly because of the anxiety that they would draw individuals away from traditional lotteries and the income they produce for clubs, pubs, and newsagents.

There is a real reason to worry because if lottery betting increases, consumers will suffer financially and so will the society and small business as well as other state causes that are financed by official lotteries.

This information was given to parliament on Wednesday by Michelle Rowland, a Labor frontbencher. Legislation to prohibit what is known as synthetic lotteries was approved in the lower house on Wednesday unopposed. Due to bipartisan support, it will pass the Senate. Luke Brill, the chief executive of Lottoland has indicated that the lottery betting firm which is located in Gibraltar would consider a challenge in the High Court.

In Australia, there are 700,000 clients and we shall persist in battling this, he remarked. However, Paul Fletcher, the Minister for Urban Infrastructure stated that the coalition thought that betting was an excess in gambling.

About 4000 news agencies and certified lottery agents throughout Australia generated more than $350 million from selling products of the traditional lottery. It obvious that moving away from certified lotteries would affect small businesses adversely, he said. Matt Keogh, a Labor backbencher indicated that products like Powerball provided a winning chance of 1 in 76 million; however, lottery betting provided slim winning prospects.

The possibility of becoming a jackpot prize winner in an international lottery like this is minute. Usually, the odds are lower than 1 in 250 million, he commented, contrasting it to the 1 in 1.5 million prospect of losing lives in a lightning strike. Already, South Australia has outlawed lottery betting while the Northern Territory prohibits betting on the lottery in Australia.