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The is one of the oldest and most well established online lottery ticket services out there. The Lotter has been providing a service for online lottery players for over 15 years now and has worked hard to establish itself as one of the leading lottery ticket service providers there is. So, lets look into the benefits and drawbacks of playing your online lottery with the


Why are People Playing with The Lotter

Firstly, it cannot go unrecognized that due to the history and experience of The Lotter it has built up a brand awareness that is synonymous with trust and reliability. These two factors are key indicators for new players when looking who to play online lottery with. The Lotter benefits from this experience in the industry, indeed some would say it was a trail blazer within the lottery industry, acting as a disruptor with the help of the internet of things.

The lotter has a wide selection of games and draws you can play. They offer an incredible 48 different lottery games and their website is relatively fun, fresh and easy to use. This eclectic mix of lotteries from every corner of the world is a remarkable achievement and should go underestimated. From the comfort of your mobile device, via, you can play in almost 50 unique lottery games!

Another positive feedback from The Lotter is the customer support and customer service as a whole. Not only does The Lotter provide a plethora of different ways that you can get in contact (multiple international and domestic phone numbers, email addresses, live chat features and a fairly substantial FAQ section) but it also gets top marks from us for the service that the players receive. Obviously, nothing is perfect but we have been pleasantly surprised with the level of support and service received from The Lotter.


Playing with The Lotter

Playing the lottery online with The Lotter is fun but does have some setbacks that we have found. Some players find the size of choice at The Lotter overwhelming, it’s akin to sitting on Netflix for an hour scrolling through movies – if there was less choice maybe I could make a decision. But this problem is a problem of choice and not something that we are going to hold against The Lotter. We would advise to spend a bit of time looking into the draw that you wont to play and then going to check it out on The Lotter (I wouldn’t worry about them not having it….they have 48 lottery games!).

There is another side to this that has yet to be mentioned; some think that the choice that The Lotter provides is too much on an ethical scale. The idea here is that the abundance of options can be influential in a bad way to some players and could help to promote excessive gambling. While we are sympathetic to this viewpoint, we respect that all players are adults and should be judged on their actions, not their surroundings, so while we are aware of these grievances we are not in support of making any changes or blaming The Lotter for the actions of their players.


Deals & Promos at The Lotter

The Lotter, like all of the online lottery providers we have come in contact with, offers some great deals, freebies, promotions and fun features that make the whole experience for the player more enjoyable, cheaper and increase their chances of winning something real. The promos of the The Lotter change all the time but generally it is up to 25% off, tell a friend and receive $10 and some price reductions if you spend quite a lot. These are nice features but they are not changing our overall opinion of The Lotter.


The Lotter Review Conclusions

In conclusion, The Lotter is a fine online lottery ticket provider and certainly has its benefits for newbie players or just those who are a little more risk adverse and want to find a company with a long, established history. The Lotter certainly has a long-established history and has become a real brand name amongst the online lottery community. It’s wide range of games means that there is always a jackpot around the corner and its customer support department should be held up as an example for others in the industry to copy. We’ve been playing the lottery online with The Lotter on and off for the past 8 years. We don’t see any reason to stop playing with them, but equally we often play elsewhere as its overall a more enjoyable, and cheaper experience!

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