Lottosend Logo is a relative newcomer to the online lotto world. Beginning in 2012, Lottosend had a dream of streamlining the online lottery industry and providing a clean, simple and effective service to the growing numbers of lottery players throughout the world. Lottosend began its operations with 12 hand selected lotto draws that were chosen based on the popularity and access for the millions of potential players online. Lottosend recently sent me an email informing me of the upcoming updates to the site which include an additional 7 lottery games to the current 12 which will make a total 19 lotteries draws in one place.

Why are People Playing with Lottosend

There is a number of reasons that people are playing the lotto online with Lottosend, we think the key factors behind their success are there overall service, their customer support, their loyalty features and their great promotions.

Reliable Scanned Images:

As part of the review we purchased tickets from lottosend to see if we get scanned image of the tickets with our numbers, We got the scanned images for all the draws with our exact numbers:

Lottosend Scanned Image

Playing with Lottosend

Playing with Lottosend has been, for us at least, a dream. Over the past 3 years we have played multiple lottos multiple times and are yet to encounter any resistance. (We even won a 4-figure sum through lottosend in October 2015!). Once a new player signs up he or she is immediately opened up to some of the great promotions and offers from Lottosend. Possibly because it is not yet as established as some of its competitors, Lottosend has some offers that we really like and it may be one of the reasons we keep going back.

Deals & Promos at Lottosend

Any new player to sign up for Lottosend will receive a 100% welcome bonus of however much their first-time deposit is. Please note that this goes up to $30. You sign up, you deposit $30 and suddenly you have $60 in your account. A great start!

Once you have moved beyond the initial welcome bonus, Lottosend has promos and deals going constantly including some hidden promo codes scattered around the site to create an almost treasure hunt environment. Indeed, we have spent hours over the years going through the site looking and finding some great coupon codes saving us 20%, 35% and even 50% off all lotteries.

Lottosend Review Conclusions

As an unbiased reviewer, we really like Lottosend, there’s no sugar coating it. One of the things that has set Lottosend apart from its competitors in our personal experience is the level of customer support we have received since the beginning. I am always reminded of a time in spring 2015 when I bought the wrong tickets and make a mistake on a Sunday afternoon when purchasing with Lottosend. I shot out an email, half expecting no reply (as I had become accustomed to with certain other online lottery brands). When I received a beautifully written email that solved all my problems less than an hour after filing my complaint I was beyond satisfied with the service I received, and this was on Sunday.

The service from Lottosend underlines the entire experience of playing with them. Since this anecdote from 2015 I have intermittently had to contact support or have them contact me (such when I won 4-figures) and it has been so smooth and hassle free it really makes it the process enjoyable. We now have personal account manager who is extremely professional and we wouldn’t change it at all.

As I said, we are lottery reviewers and so we play in the majority of the draws and uses a multitude of different providers. Over the years, it has been striking and surprising to notice just how often we revert back to Lottosend and continue choosing them as our online lottery ticket provider.

One of the things that has held us back in the past is the sheer fact that Lottosend do not have the lottery draw we are wanting to play – hopefully the upcoming update I was notified about in an email will come to fruition soon and we can try out some new draws with the same great provider.

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