$3.3 Million Still Pending Because Winner Cannot Be Found

$3.3 Million Still Pending Because Winner Cannot Be Found

An Oz Lotto Player who purchased his ticket at Five Dock News agency cannot be traced. The Oz Lotto spokesman has announced in all TV channels, Newspapers, and Radio Stations but the person has not yet come out to claim his or her prize. The $3.3 million is still hanging as no one has claimed it. This person’s whereabouts are unknown, and he or she should go to the Oz lotto authorities to claim his/her splendid results. People are left wondering why someone should leave such a big win considering that winning Oz lotto is a very rare chance that occurs to only the few lucky ones.

Speculations Regarding this Misfortune

Rumour has it that ticket was purchased by a tourist who had toured Sydney for recreational purposes. He was just playing for fun, but it happened that the player matched all the five numbers. Perhaps the guy left the area before the Oz Lotto results were announced or maybe the player is still around, but he or she is not aware of the news. The Oz lotto management have no clue where this blessed person is coming from.

The Winner Was a Division Three Winner

The owner of the News Agency where the ticket was purchased said that the $3.3 million was the highest win from the tickets that he has sold so far. The News agency is waiting for the owner to come and confirm the ticket so that the he or she gets the lucrative amount. Blessings real come to the wrong people, why should such an amount get won by a person who doesn’t even bother to check the ticket? Many Oz Lotto winners go to the retailers even when they win less than $50; this is a big shock to many people if someone leaves $3.3 million.

The Winning Numbers of the Draw

This was Oz Lotto draw 1209, and many people played it because it was carrying a heavy amount as jackpot. The Oz Lotto Winning numbers were 42, 13, 33, 44, 39, 29 and 27 and the random or bonus numbers were 15 and 31. Division one and division two had no Oz lotto winners, but from division three downwards, there were winners on every category. Many people won prizes, but no one snatched the prize of matching six numbers. If the winner is not going to come out, then the $3.3 million is going to be put back to the main jackpot for people to continue playing.

The bottom line is that when you buy a ticket of Oz Lotto, make sure that you confirm your ticket after the results are announced. Don’t play jokingly because when you select those lucky balls, you are always enhancing your chance to be a millionaire. Why should you select the balls if you don’t want winnings? Opportunities or blessings cannot be predicted, they come any time they want to. Make sure that you confirm your ticket in the nearby retailer even if you don’t have high hop of winning the game.

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